@aral ugh sorry about that :( Here's hoping you end up finding a better place and this turns out being for the better.

I don't get Clubhouse at all 🤔 Someone described it to me as "low-quality podcasts," but it isn't even that, as you also can only listen to it live. What am I missing?

I'm sure some people would love talking to strangers on it, sure, maybe I'm just too much of an introvert for such a service 🤷‍♂️

@leo that's a good point re jet travel. Hadn't thought about it in these terms.

But it hurt me when I was in awe of a robot landing on Mars and my kid was basically yawning :D

So now I've got my own mastodon instance. Look at me all fancy

@leo I was watching with my kid and she could not see why I was so excited about it. She's growing up watching rockets land side by side all the time... she thinks this is all trivial :/


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